Tuesday, October 1, 2013

29 days and 2 hours - HALLOWEEN

Halloween and 4th of July are my 2 favorite "holidays". Now with three boys in the house (and two big kids), Halloween gets more fun each year!

My youngest that is 9 has decided to be Albert Einstein this year. While hitting the Thriftshops in  KC today, I found 90% of his outfit- wig included! Finding a sport jacket small enough for him wasn't an easy feat, until I walked through the petite women's section of dress clothes. I found an Extra Small jacket from Saks Fifth Avenue that is the perfect coat for the Einstein look. AND I can turn it around and re-sell it after Halloween. Fingers crossed that no fake blood crosses his path. I'm glad it was only $6 so if it does get ruined, I won't feel so bad when it gets covered in blood/chocolate.

This was last years creation, he had to be a Green Army Man. 4 cans of spray paint, I still didn't quite have him covered. If you decide to do this, make sure you have lots of paint in the same color, get a cheap toy gun from the dollar store, and make sure you paint at least a day before so you have to for it to dry. This was made in about 6 hours! No time, like the last minute

The older ones are getting outfits put together. I ran out of time before we could make our final stop today at a local shop, but in all due time my dears.
As for us grown-ups, well that is coming together quite nicely. Our friend has a birthday just a few days after Halloween and every year she picks a theme for her costume party. This years theme: Dress Like a Song. Being a little superstitious, I can't yet say what our costumes will be. I will say that my outfit is based on a Beatles song and his, well his is sure to be the big winner this year. hahaa I can't wait to finish both of ours. Most of the costume has been purchased, just finishing touches. I had quite the productive day! Anyway, stay tuned for pictures as the costumes come together.
Its so much fun pieving it together one second hand store at a time, than choosing a generic off the hanger overpriced  costume. Ok, to be honest I cant afford those - and it really is more fun!

hint hint....

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